Healing Circle

Scheduled Thursday 7-8:30pm

by donation

(minimum donation of $25 is suggested-no one is turned away due to lack of funds)

located at Kelowna Moksha Yoga

address: 2900 Pandosy St #206, enter through the Sopa Parking lot


What is Healing Circle?

Healing Circle is a safe place to bring up any upsets and conflicts you’re experiencing in your life. Be guided in practices to get to the ‘root’ cause of limiting beliefs, conditioning, habits and addictions.  Everybody benefits from this work; the process is powerful, fast and effective. Participants become aware of the core beliefs that are running and limiting their lives. Through the choose-again process and lifestyle coaching principles Tara guides participants in creating clarity and insight into their lives where they are struggling, feeling limited, maybe miserable or experiencing feeling ‘reasonably happy’- HOW? by shifting the current belief and question their validity. On some level, we all have limiting belief systems, an outdated ‘story’, conditioning, habits and addictions that limit our lives.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”                          –acim ― Jalaluddin Rumi

When a participant starts to see that their beliefs about themselves are not the absolute truth, perhaps even absolute bs they begin to experience steadily increasing  joy and a new sense of freedom. Participants begin to accept the empowering idea that they can experience anything they’d like to in the world, and that their mind is free to perceive events from a neutral, positive, constructive and joyful perspective. The natural state of our minds is calm, clear, peaceful and awake after all.

 When our perception shifts, our whole life starts to transform for the better! Our ‘story’ aka current blueprint starts to shift- BREAKTHROUGH!

Each week participants are guided in simple meditation techniques, lifestyle coaching practices, a simple deductive process around limiting beliefs through the choose-again process, teachings and practices that will help participants stay on purpose in their daily lives. Most importantly teaching 100% accountability for the self. The only one we can change is ourselves-through the self, the world around us starts to shift and transform, truly magical!

The majority of the circle is spent practicing these teachings and applying them to any personal challenges that a participant may may wish to bring to the group.

Why a Circle?
Group sessions are often considered just as effective and in some situations more effective as other people frequently reflect aspects of ourselves, and as they share and get to the root of their issues, so too do we.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
― C.G. Jung

Participants are usually a mix of experienced and newcomers, making a dynamic group in which everyone can learn a lot from each other.

What you will need to bring to Circle?  

  • Bring all your upsets, conflicts and baggage. Guaranteed you will leave a lot lighter and happier!
  • Bottle of water, keep hydrated.
  • Dress comfortable

The Choose-again work is based on principles of Attitudinal Healing. Attitudinal Healing is a cross-cultural method of healing that helps remove self-imposed blocks such as judgment, blame, shame and self-condemnation that are in the way of experiencing lasting love, peace, and happiness. It is based on the belief that it is not people or experiences outside of ourselves that cause us to be upset. Rather, it is our thoughts, attitudes, and judgments about them that cause us distress.Principles: at a very early age we make up beliefs about ourselves. The self we think we are is a set of beliefs ranging from positive to limiting. The limiting beliefs drive depression, substance abuse, chronic stress or unhappy relationships. All these ‘symptoms’ are evidence for what we think is true. Even though these beliefs about ourselves are the driving force behind all of our decisions, we are not usually aware. In this process you will become aware of the core beliefs that are running your life, and then teach to question their validity. For example: “is it true that you are not good enough?” “Is it true that you do not deserve love.” When one starts to see the beliefs are not the absolute truth, you begin to experience steadily increasing joy and a new sense of freedom. There is an opportunity to accept the empowering idea that you can experience anything you’d like to in the world, and that your mind is free to perceive events from a positive, constructive and joyful perspective. There is always more room for joy in everyone’s life – no matter how ‘successful’ it appears on the surface. Who is Choose-Again?

Lifestyle Coaching is a unique experience;  weaving in principles of Ayurveda, yoga and life coaching. Tara has been passionately pursuing education in Ayurveda lifestyle coaching and life coaching since 2011. Tara successfully completed the Titan Academy training with Robin Sharma in 2015 and is currently pursuing Mastery University and Leadership Academy with Tony Robbins. The combination of Choose-Again steps and Life Coaching is powerful!

The 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing

  1. The essence of our being is love.
  2. Health is inner peace. Healing is letting go of fear.
  3. Giving and receiving are the same.
  4. We can let go of the past and of the future.
  5. Now is the only time there is and each instant is for giving.
  6. We can live free of addictions
  7. We can learn to love ourselves and others by forgiving rather than judging.
  8. We can become love finders rather than fault finders.
  9. We can choose and direct ourselves to be peaceful inside regardless of what is happening outside.
  10. We are students and teachers to each other.
  11. We can focus on the whole of life rather than the fragments.
  12. Since love is eternal, death need not be viewed as fearful.
  13. We can always perceive ourselves and others as either extending love or giving a call for help.

What people are saying about Healing Circle…..

Great big gratitude for Healing Circle with Choose Again and Tara Pilling Yoga and Healing. Healing circle has opened my life up to a deeper dimension of healing and rediscovering my true self.
Mel, Kelowna, BC
Healing circle has dramatically changed my relationships for the better. Through the choose-again work and with Tara’s support and guidance I have become a happier, calmer and better person, this has deeply healed some of my most difficult relationships.  I am so grateful and committed to this work because of Tara.  Thank you Tara!
anonymous, Kelowna, BC
Tara introduced me to Healing Circle work about a year ago where I can participate in Choose Again attitudinal healing work in a group setting. I have found a new contentment and sense of wellbeing and peace in my life since I have started to do this work. Thank-you Tara!
Cathy, Kelowna, BC

Everybody is welcome.