Breakthrough 1 is a simple 7 step deductive process that enables us to uncover the rigid, unconscious attitudes that distort our world view and prevent us from living life fully. The goal of Breakthrough 1 is not self-improvement; it is the reclaiming of the split off aspects of the psyche that cause us to blame and overreact to life events, and to constantly seek external validation. This process breaks the cycle of victim-and-blame consciousness; it offers a way to expose our deep seeded, unconscious beliefs that tend to dictate our defensive behaviours. The Breakthrough 1 system leads us on the inner journey towards reclaiming what is most natural to each and every one of us – the experience of wholeness.

Breakthrough 2 is the next stage of our Breakthrough journey. In this phase, we define the difference between unhealthy defences and healthy boundaries; we explore the dynamics of projections and the subtle and obvious ways we avoid self-honesty. Breakthrough 2 focuses on the “outside job”. We learn how our misunderstandings of the inner masculine and feminine principals distorts and disrupts our external relationships. We also peer into the very important role feelings and emotions play in our life and why most of us live our lives withholding our most human form of self-expression. A quantum leap is possible each time we recognize the ulterior motives behind our behaviour. The Breakthrough 2 process provides us with vivid imagery that brings even deeper insight into the ways we support and perpetuate rigid conditioning. The more clearly we see how we support the lie, the harder it is to continue doing so unconsciously.

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