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Detox those extra winter layers

Un-glue your GUT.  After the long winter every cell in your body is begging for you to press the reset button.  Spring is the season of burning fat and turning on the inner a.c. before the summer.  Spring supports the natural cleansing time of the body.  Don’t miss my bi-yearly spring and fall events and press the reset button.

Get Moving!

Spring is the best season to up your exercise programs.  It’s kapha season, which means the body is strong and ready for endurance.  Turn up your workout and get moving! Check out Tara’s Spring Yoga Classes here.  Ready to step things up?  Try out Yoga Scupt and BowSpring, you will move, breath, sweat and LOVE IT! understandingkapha

Energize those Prana Pathways

our nadis (energy channels in the body) get clogged.  Drain your nadis each morning with deep nasal breathing.  If you can’t inhale through your nose-try to exhale a ‘humming’ sound. The humming exhale breaks up the junk and helps your blood take up oxygen.

Allergies, Sinus and Spring Cold Relief

If you struggle with these conditions make a hot drink with ginger, lemon, cayenne, hot water and a small amount of raw honey-this builds the gut and clears the mucus.

Connect with Nature

Get in the habit of having an early dinner and playing outside afterwards.  An after dinner walk, bike ride, weed in the garden, playground fun-just get outside.

Don’t make the mistake of eating too late (no later than 7pm), or you’ll burn out before the summer ends.

Un-clutter and detach

Deep Clean you’re home, work and wardrobe. This creates space and frees up stuck emotions.

Essential Oil

Cleansing with food grade high quality essential oils of Ameo: lemon, grapefruit, trim and tone, AGX cleanse, detoxification blend, metabolism and weight control blend or any of the ameo cleansing remedies. Oregano and Proshield are great to boost the immune system and clear out parasites, fungus and yeast. Use stimulating scents of eucalyptus, citrus, bergamot, basil and rosemary to provide instant energy. Contact Tara for more info. on oils or to trial or purchase.



Eat GreenChlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the colour of spring.  It’s natural for primates, like yourself, to eat greens 3x a day, especially in the spring.  Use green smoothies, juices, salads, cooked greens, soups and sprouts.

Start Sprouting, it’s easy!

Sprouts have more protein per pound than lean meat and loads more absorbable and diverse nutrients.  Sprouting takes 2 min. and is easy to learn how to do.

Eat and Drink your ‘weeds’

Eat and drink your bitter, pungent and astringent foods.  Wild weeds, including invasive friends like dandelion and thistle are super foods.  Both detox the liver, blood and fat, while replacing long lost minerals from caffeine addiction.  Not to mention ease allergies. Best recipe for allergies: 2 tbsp of dried stinging nettle, infuse in warm water for most of the day, strain and drink.

Grow a Garden

Shop at your local farmers market

Spring is the start of the active food growing season.  At this time you need to really up your greens and spouts so why not grow your own. Getting your hands in the dirt is the quickest way to ground yourself and discharge EMF’s.  If you’re already a gardener, awesome!  Otherwise make sure to purchase from your local farmers market.  Eating local has a positive impact on your body and it’s ability to heal.

Detox Tea

1 tsp each whole seed fennel, cumin, and cardamon. Place in a teapot with boiling water, infuse for 5min and enjoy throughout the day. Using the whole seed is best.  A great spring time warming detox tea.