Looking back over the years of practice, I’ve experienced many wonderful benefits of meditation and do on a daily basis.  I’d feeling calmer, more balance, harmony, inner peace, a better sense of my personal direction, a calmer nervous system and mind and ultimately more joy in my life. Practice showed amazing results in supporting me and motivated me to sit daily and to start sitting longer as my teacher Michael Stone had requested.  A meditation practice should be a daily commitment, baby steps, and some days might not work out the way you planned-this is okay!  You will notice a difference once you start to sit and meditate and in time it will get easier.  Seek out a local organization that gets together to meditate or find a teacher that you connect too. Initially support can really help you fall in love with mediation, however you can start a home practice on your own at anytime.

Here is a good article the Harvard University shared, ‘8 weeks to a better brain’ On this topic. Enjoy.

If you are ready to create big changes in your life that will have the most impact overall this next new year I suggest starting a regular meditation practice. If you have one this is great news.  If you are new to meditation this is great too, no time like the present!


“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” ―Thich Nhat Hanh

How to meditate:

1.  Sit in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. It is suggested to sit in the same spot every day. The morning and later in the day is considered optimal times to sit. This time of day is very sattvic, meaning calm.

2.  Set a timer. This stops your mind from being focused on the time. Start off with 5-15 min. and gradually increase your time to 30 minutes.

3.  Sit in a comfortable position on a cushion, or on a chair with you feet firmly planted on the floor. It is recommended that the spine is tall. You can sit in the Burmese position with your sit bones anchored and your legs crossed and your arms at your sides with your hands resting on your thighs. If this isn’t comfortable sit on a chair with your feet touching the floor.

*YogaAnanda says sit in amediation position that is comfortable. So any position that you find comfortable is great to practice in.


4. The eyes are closed and soft, the breath is natural.

Note: If the mind is really busy you can bring a gentle focus to the breath.  The sound of the breath and the sensation of the breath.  Allow yourself to sit with whatever is showing up, just practice being more an observer without getting caught up in ‘stories’.  A mantra can be a nice focus if you need support.

I breath in

I breath out

I breath deep

I breath calm