I always look forward to the spring and fall, a time to cleanse and detox the heavy ama (toxins) that has accumulated in the body. These times of year support the natural cleansing times biologically.  However, in our day to day lives we are under an enormous amount of stress, we live busy and full lives, we now eat high amounts of processed foods, additives, and high salts, sugars and harmful fats are added to our diets.  We are exposed to more toxins than ever and we are in a situation due to the overload of ama (toxins) where our body’s don’t cleanse and detox naturally as nature intended. So the ama (toxins) and dis-ease accumulates till we are in big trouble. Today, we observe this with our rising obese population, and increases in sickness and disease.  The good news is, that when the body is given the proper tools and environment the natural intelligence of the body/mind is able to cleanse, detox and renew itself.  Notice the urge at this time of year to clean out the closets, to get moving physically, to breath in deeply the great outdoors, the desire for some inner body cleansing as we seek ways to feel better, time spent in the yard and garden and a longing to slow down. images-5

Speaking about toxins… did you know about 6,000 new chemicals are listed weekly in the Chemical Society’s Chemical Abstracts. That adds up to more than 300,000 new chemicals every year that we are being exposed too!  We also are consuming an average of 14 pounds of food additives that include preservatives, flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers, humectants, and antimicrobials.  Not to mention we consume an average of one pound of pesticides and herbicides every year!  Talk about feeling heavy, bloated and toxic.  No wonder many of us suffer from adverse effects from our environment, foods we eat, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, and inhibited cleansing and detoxification systems.  Our bodies were designed to eliminate the toxins we encounter, but not at the level we are currently encountering them. We live such fast pace busy lives now that we can’t even slow down enough to cleanse, detox and heal as nature supports.  The reality is that all of us are taking in and holding onto these toxins and expressing or harbour disease and sickness and a regular cleanse/detox is a priority. In David Wolfe’s book ‘The Sun Food Diet’ he mentions that it can take many years of regular cleansing to deeply cleans and detox the body and heal it from disease.  Through a regular cleanse/detox (diet rich in fresh live ‘greens of fruits and veggies), good drinking water, colon hydrotherapy, exercise, yoga, breath-work and rest the body will heal and rejuvenate.

Associated symptoms of toxicity are:

  •  excess weight gain

  •  feeling sluggish and low energy

  • digestive issues such as bloating and gas

  • bad breathe

  • headaches and foggy head feeling

  • Unhealthy cravings for things like alcohol, chocolate/sugar, and caffeine

  • poor memory

  • sore and achy muscles and joints

  • skin issues such as rashes, dry skin, eczema

  • difficulty sleeping

  • emotional imbalances such as depression and anger

  • hormone imbalances

  • allergies

  • poor decision making….to list a few

Sometimes we harbor so much dis-ease we are not showing symptoms but as soon as we cleanse/detox the toxins start to root themselves up and than we will definitely experience what that looks like.  For many detoxification can be as gentle as mind cravings and feeling tired or as harsh as skin breakouts, horrible headaches.  If you answered yes to one or more of the above then check out the 21 day Titan Challenge offered bi-yearly.

Symptoms of Detoxing:

  • coating on the tongue gets thinker

  • bad breath

  • stinky urine, feces, gas and menses. Feces will even get heavy and sink to bottom of toilet

  • deep color to urine, change in color to urine in general

  • achy muscles and joints in the body

  • headaches

  • bloated, constipation *Priority to work on!!

  • stinky ‘BO’

  • temperature changes often feeling cooler

  • hunger

  • tired

  • get a cold/flu, overall just feeling sick

  • skin rashes, irritation

  • emotional outbursts, just feeling emotional and overwhelmedsometimes even feeling ‘high’, alcohol and drugs detoxing

The solution is to do the work-support your body’s detoxifying organs—the liver, kidneys, lungs, GI tract, and skin. Participating in a regular cleansing program is key in supporting the natural cleansing properties to better health, wellness and overall happiness.