Yoga energizes our bodies, brings us back to better health, balance and alignment and calms our nervous systems and minds. Tara draws from many years of training and practice in Interdisciplinary Yoga, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, Pre/Post Natal, Core Vinyasa, Anusara, as well as Feldenkrais, Holistic, and Energy Medicine to support her students, classes and clients.View Schedule


Zazen is the form of meditation at the very heart of Zen practice. Basically, zazen is the study of the self. This is an opportunity to drop deep into silence, to start or mature your meditation practice, and touch your awakened nature and slow down, rejuvenate and de-stress the body mind.Learn More


Tara’s offering in holistic and energy healing is astonishingly simple and effective form of therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so that they can operate as nature intended.Learn More
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Working too hard, feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, ignoring pain, burying away trauma, guilt, fear, or just want to feel better… are you ready for a change?

While it can be scary delving into the unknown, we all want to feel better and many of us are seeking new modalities to de-stress and alleviate pain and suffering.

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Why Choose Tara?

The essence of loving energy yoga and healing with Tara is Love – in all it’s iterations… nurturing, compassionate, realistic, confident, safe. Firmly grounded in the yogic and Buddhist traditions, the experience, above everything else, is rooted in love and compassion.

The following attributes describe Tara and what she offers her clients:

She’s solid, honest, helpful, supportive and grounded in experience and training.
She has a sense of wisdom drawn not solely from intellectual ways of ‘knowing’, but also with a beautiful balance of experience, energetic awareness, and clairvoyance.
Her work, communication style and approach is both thoughtful and mindful.
While not heavy, the basis of Tara’s approach is spiritual – acknowledging our connection to the self, one another and all living things on the planet.
While deeply spiritual, she is also grounded and practical; matter of fact.
Energetically inspired by naturally occurring vivid colour and light, Tara shares a wonderful sense of enthusiasm and liveliness.


“As a registered physiotherapist, I would highly recommend Tara’s yoga classes to people of all ages and of all levels of yoga experience. In line with Ayurvedic principles, Tara teaches that what the body needs is not only unique to each person but it’s also different during various stages of our life, different times of day and through out the changing seasons of the year.
Corrine Wade, Kare Physio Owner/Physiotherapist, Mom
“I’ve never taken yoga classes before. A friend recommended Tara and said she offered classes from her home studio. That happened to be perfect for me, as I felt intimidated entering into ” the yoga crowd” . I am a 50 year old grandmother raising two beautiful granddaughters, run my own business and juggle a very busy work load. My husband often comments that I am a happier person when I come home from Tara’s yoga class!
Karen Murphy, Local business owner, Wife, Mom and Grandmother

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